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Little things add up to successful mediations

In family law mediation, you have more control than you might think. Even the little things that you do as a party can make a big difference for your outcome.

We advise clients to think about these little things that give them credibility and keep them involved in the process.

  • Show up. No-showing, or arriving late for a session, will put you behind before you even get started. We suggest you arrive ten minutes early, so you can collect yourself and think about what you will say.
  • Relax, to the extent that you can. We understand you have a lot riding on the outcome of this process. But you will be more persuasive if you are focused and not too emotional.
  • Know the facts of your case. You can help yourself by bringing notes along with the other necessary documentation.
  • Be prepared. Review the points you want to be sure to make. Bring in documentation that may be needed to demonstrate your position. You want to appear reliable and rational.
  • Be flexible. Yes, you have obvious goals you want to achieve. But you want to keep an open mind to solutions that both sides will find acceptable.
  • Think about the future. The worst thing you can do in mediation is tobe angry. You are there to resolve, not rehash the past.
  • Remember what's important. In child support mediation, that will trump all other concerns. Everyone knows you care about your kids.The best way you can help them now is by being lucid and focused on what is best for them.

This list is good, but not exhaustive. What do you think you could do to help make mediation successful?

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