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How To Create A Visitation Schedule That Works

Divorce and separation is an emotional process. It is easy to let those emotions affect decisions about your children. Taking a practical approach to creating a visitation schedule can help everyone, especially your kids.

If you choose to resolve child custody and visitation with the court, then a judge will decide matters for you. On the other hand, using mediation allows parents to create a custody agreement and visitation schedule on their own terms. If you choose mediation to solve your family law issues, then you will have the power to build a schedule fitting both parents’ needs while benefiting your children. Consider the following tips when deciding your own visitation schedule.

Little things add up to successful mediations

In family law mediation, you have more control than you might think. Even the little things that you do as a party can make a big difference for your outcome.

We advise clients to think about these little things that give them credibility and keep them involved in the process.

Can I use mediation for a modification?

Almost no divorce decree is ever final. Salaries change and can therefore affect child support, schedules change and can affect child custody or parenting plans. Vacation time may need to be renegotiated, daycare costs might need adjustment. When you have to make changes to your decree, is it necessary to head back to court?

The good news is that you do not have to revisit the courtroom, and in fact, if you and your ex can agree to mediation, you may have to have very little contact with your attorneys.

Can mediation save me money in my divorce?

Divorce is never easy. No one walks down the aisle with the idea that their marriage will end. But here you are, and you are wondering: Is it possible to make this a sane, respectful experience? After all, you've spent many years of your life with this person. You want to leave this union on as good terms as possible. 

Solid and sustainable

Mediation is a viable option that can help you achieve a divorce that is solid and sustainable. What exactly does that mean? The core of mediation is the ability to determine, through a neutral third party, an agreement that you tailor together.



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