Bringing Fairness To Property Division Through Mediation

Besides child custody issues, the most contentious issues during divorce or legal separation often involve division of asset and property matters. This is because a divorce may involve losing those very belongings you value most. Unfortunately, courts do not always appreciate the personal value each of us places upon these various items. A court ruling could ultimately result in a division of property in a manner totally unintended by either party.

Because of providing family law representation since 1999, attorney Lisa Hassett can help guide individuals through the property division process. She can explain to you the manner courts will divide property up. And because she understands this process so well, she also helps clients resolve property division disputes through the mediation process. Through mediation, she helps the client gain more control over the property division process to make certain such a process is fair.

The Complex Nature Of Property Division And Property Division Mediation

Property division matters are almost never simple. It involves division of real estate, retirement plans, stock options and even assets that have been in the family for decades. Sometimes a property division can concern a family heirloom or some other object you hold very dear. For this reason, it is important that there be great care in the handling of property division matters.

The advantage of using mediation during the property division process is that it gives each spouse greater control over the asset division. It allows for each party to have greater input regarding the property division than during litigation.

Still, it is important to have an experienced family law attorney thoroughly explain to you how property is characterized in California. A lawyer with knowledge and experience regarding the property division process can analyze any proposed agreement and let you know whether the terms are in your best interest.

Ms. Hassett fully understands the factors involved in property division and the mediation process in California. She can be there to guide you through every step. During the course of her representation, she can also provide you with a straightforward assessment regarding the likely results.

Let An Experienced Mediator Help You

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