Resolving Domestic Partnership Disputes Through Mediation

The same concerns apply to a domestic partnership as to a marriage. And when dissolving a domestic relationship, couples may have to deal with child custody issues, property division and division of assets, and child support and spousal support matters.

At Hassett Mediations, PC, in San Diego, attorney Hassett routinely provides legal representation in domestic partnerships mediation matters. As when mediating a marital dispute, our aim during mediation is to do what we can to preserve relationships. This means providing you input into the resolution of legal issues. It also means resolving disputes quickly and cost effectively.

Why Mediation Is An Effective Alternative To Litigation

Mediation is often a desirable alternative to litigation during domestic partnership disputes because it allows for resolution of child support, property division and other family law issues without the need to go to court. As both parties have input into the decision-making process, it allows the two partners to dictate the result that best reflects their personal circumstances.

Unlike litigation, a mediation session takes place in the privacy of the mediator's office. Any resulting stipulation or agreement as a result of the mediation is confidential. Also, it is much simpler to modify a mediation agreement when necessary than it is to modify a court order.

Couples generally find mediation to be much less stressful. Determinations concerning child custody, financial support and property division arrangements are conducted in an amicable setting. Because mediation sessions tend to be less contentious, this in turn also can reduce any negative impact upon your children.

Having Experienced Representation To Assist You

Issues addressed during mediation still involve every important aspect of your life. Also, it is important to understand the mediation process to achieve the best possible results.

Lisa Hassett has close to 20 years legal experience as a family law lawyer, routinely provides mediation services, and has an extensive understanding of family law mediation. As part of her services she can help you understand what to expect during the process. This includes evaluating any proposed mediation agreement and advising you on whether such an agreement is right for you.

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