Preserve Dignity During The Divorce Process Through Mediation

Too often, the divorce process leads to a tremendous sacrifice of time and money. Because of this, spouses often put off divorce and continue living in an unhappy situation. This does not have to occur. A mediated divorce can result in less expensive means of dissolution of your marriage. Mediation can also be accomplished quickly and with much less stress than a divorce.

At Hassett Mediations, PC, we work towards providing you real solutions. Attorney Lisa Hassett has, for close to 20 years, helped individuals through the divorce process. As Ms. Hassett understands the downsides of a litigated divorce, she assists individuals dissolve their marriage through the mediation process. She will guide you through the process. Also, she can negotiate an agreement that will resolve divorce, legal separation, child support, custody and visitation matters, spousal support payments, and property division issues.

The Benefits Of Resolving Your Divorce Through Mediation

Besides the expense, divorce through litigation allows you little privacy or control over the proceedings. The court governs the entire process including hearing dates, the process for hearing issues and the ultimate decision.

During mediation, on the other hand, the process is not the part of any public record. Mediation allows for couples to set their own conditions concerning the process and have input into the outcome.

Mediation is often less stressful. This allows for couples to preserve relationships and not create great disruptions in the lives of their children. In many cases, the mediator helps couples understand their options and come to an agreement on the most important issues involving the divorce.

Why An Attorney May Be Necessary During A Mediated Divorce

Even during a mediated divorce, it is still important to have the advice and services of an experienced family law attorney. For one, such a lawyer can help explain the process to you. Also, an attorney can objectively look at the facts of your case and decide whether any proposed agreement is actually in your best interests.

Lisa Hassett will be there for you during the entire process. When retaining Hassett Mediations, you gain the advice of an experienced family law attorney who understands both the litigation and the mediation process for resolving divorces.

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