Striving For An Amiable Solution To Your Child Support Or Spousal Support Matter

Our California family law system encourages fairness when it comes to child support and spousal support questions. We want to make certain that both parents financially contribute what they can towards raising of the children. Also, it is important that we take steps to meet the financial needs of both spouses through spousal support payments following a divorce or legal separation.

At Hassett Mediations, PC, in San Diego, we help those we represent resolve child support and spousal support issues through the process of mediation. The mediation process allows for both spouses to have their say when it comes to differences regarding these issues. We have found that mediation allows for the parties to have more control over what occurs. Resolution of disputes through mediation often proves to be much less contentious and costly.

Achieving The Best Possible Result Through Child Support Mediation

Just as any other family law issue involving children, the goal is to do what is in the best interest of the children. When litigating such matters, the needs of the children may remain unaddressed. This is because courts make the determinations regarding child support during litigation rather than the parents who understand the child's needs most intimately.

In mediation, there is no requirement to follow suggested guidelines. Instead, parents can work out their differences and come to the outcome that they feel best meets the child's needs. Should the child have specialized needs, we can address these needs during the mediation session. Also, the mediation process often allows for more flexibility in child support decisions than does litigation. If changes of circumstances arise, it is generally easier for modification of a mediation agreement to occur than modification of a court order.

Spousal Support Determinations Through The Mediation Process

The sorts of support each spouse offers during the course of a marriage can be very different. One spouse may bring home money while the other cares for the house and family. Spousal support was introduced to prevent spouses from financially suffering due to divorce.

While courts have a number of guidelines regarding when spousal support comes into play, the mediation process provides more flexibility when it comes to setting spousal support amounts. As mediation often allows for greater communication regarding the needs of both spouses, it can lead to a more just result.

From her close to 20 years of legal experience, attorney Lisa Hassett fully understands how child support and spousal support disputes arise. As someone who routinely represents clients during the mediation process, she also understands how beneficial mediation can be in finding the best possible compromise. She understands that mediation can potentially save both spouses time and money due to the amount of control each party has in the decision-making. Mediation also allows each party to resolve such issues in private rather than in the courtroom.

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