Using Mediation To Effectively Resolve Child Custody Cases

Every child custody decision revolves around what is in the best interest of the child. Unfortunately, when parents are involved in stressful child custody disputes, it is the child who suffers the most.

Hassett Mediations, PC, focuses on resolving child custody matters through mediation in order to reduce the expense and contentiousness of the process. By participating in a process that helps resolve divorce and child custody issues effectively, such issues are decided in a manner that helps preserve family relationships.

Why Mediation Is So Effective In Resolving Child Custody Matters

There are a large number of reasons that mediation is preferable to litigation when dealing with child custody cases. Rather than leaving it up to courts to decide such issues, mediation allows for the two parents to control the outcome of the matter. The mediator is only present to help bring about an agreement. The mediator does not actually decide the case.

Other advantages include:

  • Mediation is less time-consuming and expensive than litigation. Though child custody disputes will always result in a minimum amount of stress, both parents can at least worry less about the ultimate expense of legal fees.
  • Mediation is generally less adversarial. The less threatening nature of mediation helps bring parties closer together in making the right decision.
  • Providing parents control over the decision-making process also allows for each parent to have more input regarding their personal concerns. A common complaint concerning litigation is that parties seldom have much control over the process. In mediation, the parties decide on the outcome. This allows each parent to have their input regarding visitation rights, education and other important aspects of child custody cases.
  • Mediation allows for easy modification of existing child custody agreements. When circumstances change, it is much easier and less costly to go back to mediation and modify specific issues in a mediation agreement than it would be to modify a court order. Again, each party provides input into how the modification is to take place.
  • The child's best interests often are better served through mediation. With less expense, less stress and more control over the process, parents can make decisions together that will ultimately be best for the child. And the child is in almost all circumstances better off emotionally when he knows that his parents are working together for his or her benefit.

For close to 20 years, Ms. Hassett has focused exclusively on family law issues. She understands the benefits of the family law mediation process and how to use this process to arrive at the best possible solution for you and your child.

Let An Experienced Child Custody Attorney Help You

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