Mediation As A Better Approach To Resolving Family Law Disputes

Family law mediation allows for you to resolve divorce-related issues in a nonadversarial manner. It allows for you to negotiate your own settlement rather than have a court make such determinations for you. Mediation does not have to be a win or lose circumstance. It is important to remember, however, that the mediator does not represent you. The mediator's function is to identify issues and help facilitate agreement. This in turn can often lead to a more effective resolution of legal disputes.

Since 1999, family law clients have relied upon attorney Lisa Hassett in family law matters. This includes extensive representation in helping individuals dealing with divorce and child custody, property division and child support and spousal support matters. It is her mission to resolve disputes through the mediation process to reduce stress and cost.

What Our Office Will Do For You

When coming to Hassett Mediations, PC, lawyer Hassett will:

  • Explain how the process of mediation works
  • Provide you guidance regarding the selection of a mediator
  • Review the process with you in preparation for the mediation
  • Address any inquiries that arise during the mediation
  • Negotiate and offer solutions
  • Advise you regarding acceptance of any proposed agreement

The Advantages Of Family Law Mediation

A divorce or child custody disputes are extremely serious matters involving almost everything that you hold dear. These matters concern your children, division of your property and finances, and where you and your children are going to live. The process of mediation can also be used in creating prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. As such matters can be stressful, calm and objective guidance is needed.

When each party is serious about the process, mediation can resolve legal issues without the anger and frustration. Mediation can promote cooperation between each participant and provide families control over the end result.

A litigated divorce can be expensive and time-consuming. The emotional toll can be very high. Due to this, mediation can be more an efficient and less adversarial process for resolving family law disputes. Please remember that mediation is voluntary and confidential. You are able to opt out of the mediation at any time, and your personal concerns are not a part of public record.

However, for mediation to be successful, it is important to be ready for the entire process. Ms. Hassett, has close to 20 years private practice experience in family law, and now focuses her efforts on resolving legal issues through the mediation process. She has been representing individuals in family law matters, including those in mediation, since 1999.

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