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It is important to see the entire picture when it comes to family law cases. Highly litigated disputes can result in an unnecessary emotional and financial toll on you and your family.

At Hassett Mediations, PC, we care deeply about your family and your future. For close to 20 years, attorney Lisa Hassett has provided representation exclusively in the family law area. As a lawyer who understands alternative dispute resolution methods — like family law and divorce mediation — Ms. Hassett knows how to resolve family law matters with a minimum amount of contentiousness.

Skilled Resolution Of Family Law Cases

Whatever the obstacles you may face during a child custody or divorce matter, it is vital to stay focused upon the future. The future includes the well-being of all adults and children involved in the family law matter. We want for you to emerge from this period of strife with your future intact.

Attorney Lisa Hassett has the knowledge to advise and guide you through a variety of difficult legal matters. She has provided representation for individuals in child custody and visitation, spousal support, child support, property and asset division, legal separation and divorce. She has extensive experience resolving such matters through the use of mediation.

Standing Up For Your Rights Through Family Law Mediation Cases

Family law mediation is an alternative to settling disputes in court. During mediation, a neutral third party helps the parties find an agreeable resolution. There are processes in place within the mediation which are intended to ensure that settlements are reached knowingly and voluntarily and that everyone feels comfortable with the ultimate resolution.

Mediation concerns the efficient resolution of family law matters and it is important to have an experienced attorney to fully explain your rights so you are able to make fully informed decisions and you are comfortable with your end result. Ms. Hassett dedicates her entire professional life towards protecting people just like you. She can provide you guidance throughout the mediation process, and provide you a realistic assessment regarding the likely outcome of your case. Adept at negotiation, she will strive to find the kind of solution that best meets all of your needs.

Contact An Attorney Who Understands The Mediation Process

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